Why DCIT for Digital Transformation?

Are you struggling with the complexities of digital transformation? Choose Digital Charter IT (DCIT) for your digital transformation needs. With a team of experts in business process, software development, legacy software modernization, human-centric app design, data analytics, RPA, and cloud migration, DCIT can provide you with a tailored solution that meets your unique requirements. From streamlining operations to increasing efficiency and improving customer experiences, DCIT can help you drive success in the digital age.

Discovery Session

At DCIT, we believe there are 4 pillars to a successful digital transformation journey. Following a discovery session, our team of experts will embark on a voyage to assess and rework 4 key areas to encompass a full transformation.


Evaluate Culture Readiness


App Modernization


Domain Assessment


Business Process Consultation

Why Digital Transformation?

  • To rethink old models
  • Experiment with leaner practices
  • Save and make more money
  • Improve company culture
  • Become Agile–able and ready to respond to customer needs
  • Your competition is already doing it!

Practice Areas

Banking and Financial Services

We have decades of experience in analyzing business processes and suggesting improvements that will level-up your business. Drawing from a variety of approaches, our experts will work with your business to not only deliver on stakeholder objectives, but to also identify enhancements that you may not have yet considered.

Legacy Software Modernization

Digital Charter specializes in digitally transforming legacy systems into modern technology that will improve your business processes as well as the day-to-day life of your team. We will ensure proper data migration according to your requirements, while maintaining the integrity of the structures and security that made the legacy system so valuable in the first place.

UI/UX Human-Centric App Design

Ensure user adoption by relying on our team to design an application that meets your functionality requirements while emphasizing user experience. Our team of experienced business analysts, developers, and designers will create wireframes and proof of concepts throughout the application lifecycle to assure your application meets stakeholder vision.

Software Development

Gain the advantages of a custom application without the overhead of having a full team of developers on your payroll. Our talented team of analysts, project managers, and developers will ensure a successful, timely delivery of an application that meets the objectives of your stakeholders.

Data Architecture & Analytics

Allow our team of analysts, database admins, and cybersecurity specialists to enhance your data and security models to improve and protect one of your company’s most valuable assets – your data.

RPA / Process Mining

Have a repeated process in your organization that you want to automate? Allow our developers to automate your business processes so your resources can spend their time more valuably. Our team of analysts are also available to help you identify potential areas where automation can be used to improve business process.

Cloud Migration & Platform Strategy

Need help with either migrating data to the cloud, or identifying exactly what platforms you should be taking advantage of? Allow our team, comprised of experts with decades of industry experience, to help guide the way to an approach that best fits the needs of your business.

Satisfied Customers

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