Why Digital Charter for Management Consulting?

Glad you asked! Our advanced project management tools and methodologies, will allow us to streamline your project management processes and boost your project success rate.

Our Management Consulting offerings include Program Project Management, Administrative Support Services, IT Governance, and Performance & Quality Management. We’ll provide you with the necessary training and development programs to ensure your project managers and team members have the skills and knowledge to manage projects effectively.

Why outsource management services?

  • Reduce costs associated with hiring and training staff, and maintaining an in-house project management
  • Access to specialized expertise and skills
  • Allows for scalability, flexibility, and improved project management efficiency
  • Well, your competitor is already outsourcing PMO and focusing on core competencies!

How will DCIT work with stakeholders?

Involving stakeholders is a critical aspect of effective project management. DCIT’s project governance framework includes policies and procedures for stakeholder engagement and communication, ensuring that stakeholders are involved throughout the project lifecycle.

DCIT’s Management Consulting process includes selecting and prioritizing projects that align with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. This involves input and feedback from stakeholders to ensure that their needs and priorities are taken into account.

Don’t let poor project management practices hold your organization back. Contact us to take the first step towards project success.

Practice Areas

IT Governance

Establish IT project governance policies and procedures, define roles and responsibilities, and provide oversight to ensure compliance and monitor project progress.

Project Portfolio Management

Align projects with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives, optimize resource allocation, evaluate and manage risks, and provide regular reporting to facilitate decision-making.

Project Performance Management

Establish metrics and KPIs, monitor project progress and analyze performance data, provide regular reporting to stakeholders, identify opportunities for improvement, and evaluate project outcomes and benefits.

Resource & Administrative Support

Allocate and schedule resources across projects, monitor utilization and availability, provide training and development, and optimize resource utilization to improve efficiency.

Performance and Quality Management

Identify and assess potential project risks, develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans, monitor and manage risks throughout the project lifecycle, and communicate risks and mitigation plans to stakeholders.

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